Nov 17

Do consumers still care about sustainability?

You may have wondered, watching all the disposable packaging and takeout orders fly out the door over the past two years, if consumers here in North America still care about sustainability the way they once did. Recent data from data analytics and market research firm IRi indicates a resounding YES! Consider these fast facts: 


These points and others show that it’s not just lip service – consumers are saying they care, AND they’re willing to put their money behind their values. …Even in an inflationary time! And while this data is largely about what happens at retail, it carries implications for the menu, too. With having sustainable offerings nearing “table stakes” status, it’s imperative to find your authentic sustainability story and share it. Not sure how to do that? No worries mate! When you’re sourcing Aussie proteins like grassfed beef or lamb, you’ve got more than a tasty dish, you’ve got an aussome story that’s ready to be shared.  

  • Aussie beef, lamb and goat are climate neutral today!  
  • Both lamb and beef will be carbon neutral by 2030 
  • The Aussie red meat industry has reduced carbon emissions by over 59% since 2005 
  • Transit to North America accounts for less than 5% of the total environmental footprint of Aussie meats, making it a super sustainable option 

 For more on the Aussie red meat sustainability story, click here 

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