May 16

Aussie Lamb and Breakout Brand and StarChef winner RASA Grill

StarChefs 2022 Rising Star Concept RASA Grill is the brainchild and daily life’s work of Sahil Rahman & Rahul Vinod, who both grew up in their parents’ restaurant business. They’ve taken in all the learnings from the prior generation, and given them a modern spin in their fast-casual concept, now with 4 locations in the DC area, and more on the way.   

The signature “Open Sesame” bowl is built on a base of fragrant basmati rice, Australian lamb kebabs rolled into meatballs, a rich peanut-sesame sauce, and charred eggplant marinated in garlic and kokum*. It’s topped with cucumber and pickled onions, and finished with mint-cilantro chutney and mango coconut yogurt.  Wow!   

While chicken is still the most popular protein on the menu (it is still America, after all), Rahul tells us the Open Sesame had a surge in sales during its featured turn for Star Chefs Restaurant Week. “It was great to see guests enjoying this dish and trying the lamb,” says Rahul, “we know once people try it, they’re likely to order it again!”  

We can’t wait to see how RASA takes off, with new Series A investment in the bank and all these accolades from media and fans. Congrats to Sahil and Rahul, and the entire RASA team!  

*Ed. note: kokum is a kind of dried fruit from the ghat mountains in India, similar to tamarind

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