Sep 06

Bringing an #aussome slider bar to life

You know your mates here at True Aussie Beef & Lamb are always after a better burger. Our latest stop on that journey was our slider bar at the Flavor Experience conference in Monterey, CA this month. Our own Chef Adam Moore cooked up a couple of killer choices – which one would you pick up?



Australian Grassfed Beef Slider with “The Lot” – This one is a take on the ridgy-didge Aussie burger; traditionally served with slices of pineapple and beet, and often with a fried egg as well. If you’re getting this down under, you say “I’ll have a burger with the lot.” And they know exactly what you mean.

Adam’s version is a perfect smash-griddled Australian grassfed beef patty on a toasted potato bun, topped with ETA BBQ sauce – another Aussie classic – cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and a relish of lacto-fermented beet, roasted pineapple and tomato.

Because we’re going with the healthier-profile grassfed beef here, we’re leaning into it with other wellness trends, like fermentation with the lacto-fermented beet,” says Chef Adam. Putting the classic elements in a relish makes for a much simpler build, and easier to eat too!


Australian Lamb Birria Slider –  Traditional Mexican birria is braised goat, served in a taco or as a stew. It’s also commonly made with lamb or even beef, and it’s got a signature red chile jus, that in some “quesa-taco” street food versions is used to douse the tacos either after or before they’re fried on the griddle with a crispy cheese layer on the outside. It’s delicious, super messy and a flavor that’s been booming – birria is up 67% on menus in the last year according to Datassential!

Adam’s take is a smash-griddled Australian lamb patty on a toasted potato bun, topped with melted chihuahua cheese, diced onion, cilantro and crushed corn chips as a nod to the crispy taco shell. The birria comes into play as a sauce on the build.

We wanted to take that birria flavor concept and upscale it a bit, elevate it from a street food but keep all the craveability. Australian lamb is great for doing just that, even in a burger context.” – Chef Adam



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