Feb 07

Celebrating Australia and helping out, all at one go

ICYMI, Australia Day was January 26th, and as always was a day for celebrating all that’s #aussome about the best damn continent in the southern hemisphere. This year it took on added significance with all the devastating bushfires raging across our beautiful country. While it will be months before we know the extent of loss to people, animals and land; we do know that our ranchers in Australia are doing everything they can to keep their families and their animals safe. We also know they are already preparing their resolve to recover and take back their homes, farms and livelihoods.

It’s been amazing to see how our true blue mates here in the states have stepped up on their own accord to help support the relief effort down under. Big and small, from New York and Boston to Miami and Dallas, chefs who love Australia are doing their bit, and their fans and guests are chipping in too. Here are a few examples:

In Boston, ex-pat Sam Jackson of KO Pies (an Aussie-style meat pie shop) put together a big benefit Barbie (as in BBQ), and raised over $104k and counting! Our man Sam pulled together a rock-star collection of local restaurants and brands to support the effort, including Ming Tsai, Oya Restaurant, and many others. As you can tell from the pics, a good time was had by all. 



In Dallas, Chef/Owner Rena Frost put together a benefit dinner at Mac’s on Main, and brought in her Penfolds wine rep to help out. The event raised about $5,000 and sold out beyond expectations, and no wonder with a menu like this one! Love you Rena!   

In NYC, NoHo Hospitality Group has this Lamb Tagine dish on the menu at Lafayette, with 50% of the proceeds going to relief efforts for the next two months. Gorgeous! Cheers to Chef Conor Hanlon for this one. 

In Miami, the irrepressible Chef Aaron Brooks of Four Seasons Miami is doing a number of things. He partnered with a brewery on a beer with 50% of proceeds going to NSW Rural Fire Service, and turned his annual Australia Day event at the Four Seasons into a benefit for the same. Chef Aaron managed all that while planning to host the Super Bowl in Miami the next week! Good onya Chef!  

It doesn’t end on Australia Day! The need for assistance will continue for many months, so if you’d like to put something together, reach out to us here or go directly to one or more of the following charitable organizations:

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