Mar 04

Tasty dishes down under $7

In this series for the Upper Cut, we’re shining a spotlight on some #aussome dishes chefs are cooking up around the country with True Aussie Beef & Lamb. These chefs are featuring high-quality, sustainable and grassfed proteins in a wide array of different forms, well beyond the standard steaks and chops that used to be their main home on the menu. It’s about meeting modern diners where they are, and making full use of the cuts, cooking techniques and cuisines in the chef’s toolkit. Though all very different, you’ll see a common thread of affordability, dynamite presentation, bold flavor and – of course – deliciousness, all at a food cost designed to be profitable.



The dish: Aussie Sliced Steak with Jicama and Chipotle Honey Vinagrette
The cut: Aussie Grassfed Strip Steak
Where it fits on the menu: Lunch
Estimated Food Cost*: $4.94
Estimated Food Cost %: 29%
The Chef: Rena Frost, ReWard Restaurant Group, Texas


Chef Rena is always serving up something with class and style. We loved her heartfelt benefit dinner for the Aussie Bushfires, and now she’s got a couple of dishes coming up that are worthy of attention. This one’s a bit on the lighter side, aiming at a lunch crowd with fresh preparation, broad appeal and loads of flavor. Good onya Rena!


“I like flavors that surprise you. The spice of chipotle gets subtly toned down and balanced by honey. The crunch of jicama alongside the sweetness adds a texture and taste that plays off the clean, natural beefiness of the Aussie grassfed steak. Flavor profiles like this are a hit here in Texas.”


*food cost estimates are the chef’s own work, and do not represent a pricing proposal or guarantee

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