Jul 15

Where's the loyalty?

Among the many challenges and opportunities facing foodservice operators is a dramatic shift in brand loyalty among US consumers. A recent study from McKinsey pegged the number of consumers who switched their brand preferences in the past 18 months at 75%. Another study showed brand loyalty dropping from 65% in March 2020 to 49% just 8 months later[1]. Loyal and repeat customers are the lifeblood of any restaurant, so it’s critical to re-establish or secure new loyalties.

“Consumers are wide open to new brands and trial right now. That makes it a great time to focus on luring them in with limited-time offerings and specials.” -Maeve Webster, Menu Matters

The other half of the equation is execution. The days of consumer forgiveness for imperfect service and hospitality are over, and a great menu item will only earn you a return visit if you can really deliver on the experience.

So what’s the right move? LTOs and specials that your team can execute flawlessly back-of-house, and your FOH team (or digital experience) can sell out front. It’s why we love ideas like Chef Janine Booth’s Australian Lamb Pizzetta at Mi’Talia in Miami – an idea that grabs attention in the dining room and on the ‘gram, is simple to execute, and offers something new and different.

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[1] Source: Omnicom Media Group, 2020





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