Nov 20

You Had Us at Toothpick

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with the #aussome folks at Aba restaurant in Chicago, part of the Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises group, on a special item with our Australian lamb. Chef CJ Jacobson’s “Toothpick Lamb” might seem like a simple finger-food share-plate – and granted, we’re big fans of anything involving our meats on sticks -- but there’s SO MUCH going on here flavor-wise.

The Australian lamb sirloin (aka rump) is sliced into thin strips and marinated, then flamed in arak, the middle eastern anise-flavored spirit in the ouzo/pastis family. Another layer of flavor is added with a quick sauté in a lemon-jalapeño kosho with a touch of fish sauce, a bright and citrusy, liquid umami bomb if ever there was one! A final toss/dusting with a house lamb spice and it’s ready for the plate, prepped with a schmear of yogurt to cool the fires. Highly recommended with the Spanish albarin (not albariño) wine pairing!  

“We love the quality and consistency of Australian lamb. It’s really easy to work with, and takes these flavors so well,” explains Executive Eric Santoyo. “It has been a hit as a shared plate during StarChefs Restaurant Week, and it’s also the kind of dish we can do for catered events with a lot of success – a quick pickup, lots of eye appeal, and so tasty!”

Lamb is no stranger on the Aba menu (looking at you Lamb Ragu Hummus!) so we can’t wait to see what their next innovation holds. Good onya chefs!






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