Jan 07

Trends to watch – and eat – in 2022

Each year, we scan the array of trend predictions from the experts and look for what seems most viable, both from a common-sense perspective, and for our mates working with Australian grassfed beef, lamb and goat. Here are a few of the tastiest highlights we’ve spotted for 2022, with more to come in next month’s edition!  

From Whole Foods’ Trends Council, we took note of the “Turmeric Takes Off” trend as something we’ve been seeing too. Turmeric, aka “the golden spice,” has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, and has become popular in the U.S. as a dietary supplement. While golden milk lattes and turmeric supplements are nothing new, the spice is taking root as an ingredient in modern cuisine. People want to have their turmeric and eat it too! 

Here are a couple of our fave recipes featuring turmeric:  

Nordstrom’s “Five Alarm Aussie Lamb Grain Bowl” uses a turmeric vinaigrette to #aussome effect. Catch the video here.  

Our mate Michael Slavin gave us this mashup of New Orleans “dirty rice” with turmeric and heaps of Indian flavors. Nice one Chef!  

From hospitality experts Andrew Freeman & Co, and also in Flavor & the Menu’s Top 10 Trends list – “Caribbean” and “Island Escape” are two versions of the same idea – that the foods and flavors of the West Indies, Caribbean and other island locales are ready to take us away. The heady mix of tropical flavors, spices, and influences from Africa and Latin America are a much-needed culinary vacation from the norm! Here a few of our Caribbean faves: 

Jamaican curry might be the first food you think of as Caribbean cuisine, most often with goat. Did you know that Australia supplies 98% of the imported goat in the US?  

Jamaican Goat Buns

Mojo hails from the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco; Chef Claudette Zepeda’s take brings the sabor to lamb tacos!

Lamb Cilantro Mojo Tacos

Puerto Rico might be one of the more familiar Caribbean cuisines here in America, but there’s so much to explore, and the flavors are a natural match with grassfed beef and lamb.  

We Aussies learn some Puerto Rican words!

Finally, also from Andrew Freeman & Co’s trends report: Empanadas: The New Hot Pockets 

“From Argentina with its flaky pastry wrapping, to Colombia with their cornmeal masa coating fried to a golden crisp, empanadas have taken hold, grabbing the #8 spot in GrubHub’s State of the Plate report on the most popular foods during the first half of 2021.” Here are a couple of can’t miss empanada recipes:  

Lamb Empanadas with Harissa Yogurt Tamarind Sauce and Pickled Vegetables

Goat Birria Empanada

Happy eating, and stay tuned for more in next month’s edition!  


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